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In today's marketplace, only the fast survive

Tomorrow's success means deploying services in minutes, not weeks.

It's estimated that by 2015 organizations will be pouring more than $145 billion into their cloud-based services. Clearly, companies are moving beyond virtualization and expecting their cloud strategy to wholly transform the economics of IT and the agility of the business. Speeding the pace of delivery of applications and services is one of the key areas in which leading companies expect to see vast improvement. In fact, speeding new innovative services to market is the primary reason companies are moving to cloud.

By designing and deploying the right standardized and automated platform services (platform as a service), companies will see their cloud investments pay off with infrastructures that deploy services faster.

The IBM SmartCloud Foundation provides secure and scalable solutions that enable enterprises to develop, deploy, manage and integrate applications in the cloud. Now, companies will not only accelerate time to market, but do it more safely and less expensively than ever before.

  • Preparing for Cloud

    Preparing for Cloud

    Change the economics of your infrastructure and improve speed to market through the cloud. Leveraging cloud's potential tomorrow begins with preparation today.

  • Reduce IT Complexity and Cost

    Reduce IT Complexity and Cost with IaaS

    Reducing IT complexity and cost means moving beyond server virtualization. Achieving security, resiliency and scalability isn't an option – it's an imperative.

  • Transform Business Processes with SaaS

    Transform Business Processes with SaaS

    Are your business processes as dynamic as the marketplace? Stay ahead of change with cloud solutions that transform business.