Faster, less expensive and compatible.

TPC-C Benchmark tpmC per core: 53,990 DB2 on POWER; 17,505 Oracle Database on SPARC. SAP 2-Tier SD Benchmark (# of benchmark users): 126,063 DB2 on POWER 256 cores; 39,100 Oracle Database on SPARC 256 cores.

The first thing to consider when thinking about IBM DB2® for your business: it can be as low as 1/3 the cost of Oracle® Database.1 Then consider that DB2 on IBM Power Systems™ can offer up to 3x the performance per core than Oracle Database on SPARC, per results on two different benchmarks.2 That means you may need fewer CPU cores to run your database software, resulting in lower data management costs.

Concerned about migrations and your investment in Oracle Database skills? DB2's compatibility features dramatically reduce migration time and risk. They make it straightforward for Oracle Database developers and DBA to embrace DB2 and feel comfortable right away. Clients are experiencing an average of 98%3 Oracle PL/SQL compatibility. We have seen clients take an application based on Oracle 9i (and higher) and stand it up on DB2 in two weeks. And you can continue to develop in Oracle PL/SQL too.

Customers across the world are reaping the benefits of moving to IBM DB2. For example, India-based Reliance Life Insurance moved its most critical business applications, including its self-service portal, from Oracle Database on Sun servers to IBM DB2 on IBM Power® 570 servers and:

Read the Forrester research report “Simpler Database Migrations Have Arrived"

Considering database migration due to cost concerns or other issues? New compatibility capabilities can mitigate risk, lower migration cost, and speed the migration process.

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