Don't get trapped by your application server vendor.

As IT departments struggle to do more with less, many are looking to gain new efficiencies from their application servers and platforms. Licensing costs for Oracle® WebLogic Enterprise Server Edition went up 47%1 after the BEA acquisition and have remained that high ever since.

IBM WebSphere® Application Server can now deliver better productivity and greater agility. At lower cost. Not to mention support for popular server virtualization solutions such as VMware, PowerVM® and z/VM®. And that is just the beginning...

IBM PureApplication™ System arrives with IT operational expertise built right into it for the average IT professional to leverage out of the box. It has built-in workload management, integrated system monitoring and IBM "patterns" for deploying Web apps, databases, and data marts. Open and extensible with 80+ additional "patterns" available from IBM and other vendors.

Find out what an application platform can really be.