Exalogic requires expertise... PureApplication System delivers it.

Running enterprise applications often entails elaborate hardware and middleware configurations. Deployments can take weeks, upgrades can be disruptive, on-going maintenance may require the use of diverse management tools, and system resources are often underutilized.

IBM PureApplication™ System is a platform-as-a-service delivered in a single integrated system with high workload density and resource utilization. It represents a new era of computing with IT operational expertise built right into it for the average IT professional to leverage out of the box. PureApplication is fully Java-compatible and it can run on average 98%1 of Oracle® PL/SQL code unchanged. It delivers:

In contrast, Oracle Exalogic is designed for application logic only, offers no appliance-like simplicity, and system virtualization "may" be supported. Moreover, Exalogic can cost up to 88% more3 than PureApplication and on top of that you have to acquire separate database server and software.

IBM PureSystems Family Tour

These short videos highlight how PureApplication System provides the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud, and the simplicity of an appliance designed for different workloads.

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