Reduce time to deploy, manage and provision with IBM built-in expertise.

Do you find your experts expending valuable time and effort installing, tuning and managing storage, networking and servers instead of delivering IT services?

IBM PureFlex System represents a new era in computing, with IT operational expertise built right into the system. It arrives pre-integrated with compute nodes, storage, networking, virtualization and integrated system management.

This expert integrated system is designed to significantly reduce workload provisioning times, and it can increase disk IO throughput of applications by up to 341%.1 Advanced virtualization enables thousands of virtual machines to be packed into a single system and can increase utilization up to 2 times compared to previous IBM systems.2

Unlike Oracle’s "Engineered Systems," PureFlex is integrated by design and ready to run. Right out of the box. A single pane of glass handles compute, storage and network, as well as virtualization, updates, compliance, energy and system management. No other tools required.

PureFlex supports four different operating systems and four different hypervisors across Power and x86 architectures, which is perfect for rapidly provisioning your infrastructure as a service for heterogeneous workloads.

Now you can move as fast as your business requires.

IBM PureFlex System: The Future of Datacenter Management by Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC

Download the analyst study: The Future of Datacenter Management

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