Support a thousand or more concurrent users making operational decisions.

Supporting operational analytic workloads requires different configuration and tuning to run most cost effectively compared with transactional systems.

Unlike Oracle Exadata, expert integrated systems from IBM are purpose-designed and configured for top performance, throughput and efficient resource utilization. Policy-based automatic workload balancing and self-tuning make the IBM systems ideal for operational analytics.

IBM® PureData™ System for Operational Analytics enables IT departments to easily deploy, optimize and manage data-intensive workloads for operational analytics. IBM PureData for Operational Analytics offers:

IBM PureData Systems, the newest member of the PureSystems family, is optimized exclusively for delivering data services to today’s demanding applications with simplicity, speed & lower cost

IBM PureData System for Operational Analytics vs Oracle Exadata X3

Read this analyst white paper to see how IBM and Oracle systems compare.

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