To rapidly deploy deep analytics, IBM PureData System for Analytics is the clear choice.

1st year hardware, software, support. 6x oracle database. IBM's Netezza appliance. 2x without database licenses. Cost comparison.

The Oracle Exadata machine claims to be optimized simultaneously for transactional databases and analytic workloads. However, these workloads require very different underlying system resources in order to run cost effectively.

Unlike Exadata, IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology, is purpose-built to make complex analytics on big data simpler, faster and more accessible to more decision makers. It delivers blazing fast responses to complex analytic queries.

This means customers can get set up in hours instead of days and start counting returns in minutes instead of hours.

The IBM PureData System for Analytics is:

IBM PureData Systems, the newest member of the PureSystems family, is optimized exclusively for delivering data services to today’s demanding applications with simplicity, speed & lower cost.

Oracle Exadata and IBM PureData System for Analytics Compared

Read this eBook for an in-depth, itemized comparison of IBM PureData System for Analytics and Oracle Exadata that highlights the key differences between the two data warehousing and analytic solutions.

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