When law enforcement agencies share information, everyone is safer.


Employ information as a crime-fighting weapon

Existing information systems at the federal, state, and local levels were not designed to allow for sharing of information, making it difficult to identify and track criminal activity across jurisdictional boundaries. In addition, the exponential growth in crime-fighting data, at all levels, makes it difficult for law enforcement officers to have quick access to data that they can trust.

To improve public safety, law enforcement agencies at every level must be able to share and analyze large amounts of information in order to identify, track and locate persons of interest.

IBM InfoSphere provides the most trusted and proven entity resolution capabilities in the industry. They are entrusted with the most complex, mission-critical applications in global deployments, some involving billions of records. Unlike other entity management products, IBM is able to define, model, and manage non-person data such as weapons, financial instruments, vehicles, locations and events.