How well do you know your customers?


Build a single view of customers

Do you know your customers well enough to keep them coming back? Customer data comes from many sources, including ERP, CRM, front-end and multi-channel systems. Today, the average enterprise has fourteen different customer databases, and this information is rarely stored in a uniform way. But if you organize it all into a single view, remarkable opportunities emerge.

IBM InfoSphere provides a complete customer view across disconnected information silos. InfoSphere integrates and transforms data and content to deliver authoritative, consistent, timely and complete information providing an accurate, current picture. This enables organizations to segment the customer base and provide the right products, promotions and offers for every client, helping to increase retention. With IBM InfoSphere, organizations can also leverage customer profile information to optimize the channel mix across multiple touch points—including call centers, ATMs and Web self-service systems— to identify new cross-sell opportunities that drive incremental revenue. In summary, IBM InfoSphere can help you: