You gave them data. Do they trust it?


Understand, cleanse and transform your data into trusted information

Business decisions are based on the stories told by enterprise data. And in the big data era, IT faces a growing challenge to make sure the complex, high-volume, high-velocity data tells a clear and trustworthy story to decision makers.

Business leaders need to understand what data to use and when to use it, and then to trust the data as a foundation for critical projects and analytics. IBM InfoSphere information integration solutions are helping organizations around the world meet the challenge and achieve results like these:

  • Increasing efficiency and certainty by resolving the ambiguities related to 37 different definitions of a single business term
  • Increasing revenue by 12% by improving the quality of the data available to customer service representatives
  • Increasing market agility by reducing data latency from 24 hours to 30 minutes

InfoSphere helps you tell a story that’s fact rather than fiction.