If information growth never stops, how do you harness it?


Realize top performance and scalability

Data is growing, but you don’t have more time to deal with it. So there’s a growing need to transform and deliver more data than ever before, either within the same old batch windows or in real time. And big data applications need big data integration systems to supply current, relevant information.

Long before the terms Hadoop and big data found their way into dinner table conversations, IBM InfoSphere solutions were providing integration at lightning speed. In fact, InfoSphere integration was designed from the start on a parallel framework optimized for the challenges of big data. It has been proven in production for the biggest integration tasks.

With IBM InfoSphere Information Server, organizations are integrating their data and achieving performance like 50,000 transactions per second processed for a global bank, and 200 million medical documents processed during a weekend for a healthcare organization, accelerating retrieval by end users and improving both operating efficiency and customer service.