Don’t let people see what’s behind the mask.


Mask confidential data across business-critical applications and databases

Protecting data privacy is not optional – it’s the law. Breaches and audit violations cost financially - up to $40M per year – and lead to permanent brand damage and loss of customer confidence.  Minimize the risk of sensitive data exposure in areas including Personally Identifiable Information, intellectual property and HR data using on-demand masking to protect privacy anywhere, anytime.

In the era of big data, the volume, variety and velocity of sensitive data are increasing, making traditional manual approaches unsustainable.  In addition, sensitive data – both structured and unstructured – is everywhere. IBM InfoSphere offers a complete data privacy solution for big data.  InfoSphere Optim helps you define privacy policies and identify and mask sensitive data across complex, big data infrastructures.

With InfoSphere Optim, you can reduce risks, speed audits by 20%, and reduce administrative costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The ultimate goal is to maintain the trust of your customers.