Meet the future of database deployment.


Deliver transactional data services with speed, simplicity and lower cost

The volume and variety of business data is growing at an accelerated rate. More and more business data is being identified as mission critical, data availability and response time expectations continue to rise. Consumers today expect instantaneous response and 100% uptime - meeting these expectations is difficult. Deploying and running reliable and highly scalable transactional database systems can be expensive and time consuming. A new approach to delivering fast, reliable and scalable data services is needed:

The IBM PureData System for Transactions is a pre-integrated and optimized, ready-to-run database platform designed and tuned exclusively for OLTP workloads. The system is an ideal platform for consolidation in private cloud environments. By providing highly reliable and scalable services out of the box with built in expertise, the system enables IT departments to more easily deploy, optimize and manage data-intensive workloads thereby accelerating time to value and lowering overall data management costs.