Retire the application, not the data.


Consolidate and retire applications

Facing retention requirements that can last from 7 to 10 years (or 50+ years for some industries), many organizations are reluctant to retire applications even after their capabilities have been superseded by other applications. But by ignoring data lifecycle management strategies and doing nothing, according to Aberdeen Group’s research, the average organization could be dealing with total costs of $1.8 million.

When applications are retired, a lack of focus on data comes at a high cost and significant risk. Associated issues include: maintenance of redundant or legacy applications and the business data within them, manual data discovery, hand-coded integration and quality routines, and inefficient and manual test data management.

IBM InfoSphere provides proven discovery, integration, quality and archiving capabilities to speed application consolidation with higher quality, while retaining the necessary data for compliance purposes. Organizations can streamline their application portfolios while intelligently archiving historical data in its original business context for retention compliance. With InfoSphere, your organization can optimize your entire application portfolio, decreasing both costs and risk.