Automate test data management

Now you can deliver high-quality operational and analytic applications faster by leveraging agile, on-demand test data management.

The goal of quality testing is to ensure high-performing, optimized applications to support business-critical functions. Proper testing requires the right test data. But many times, the test data is created manually and without any knowledge of the test cases for which it will be used. As a result, missed defects cause costly production outages—an unacceptable outcome in today’s ultra-competitive business environment.

IBM InfoSphere offers a test data management solution that automates the creation of test data that is accurate, masked and valid. Developers and QA staff will be more productive. And your business leaders will earn a competitive advantage by having applications delivered on time, on budget and with less risk.

Accelerate application development using realistic test data

Learn how in “Back to basics: Fundamentals of test data management.”

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