The more data you have, the better you see.


Glean valuable insights, quickly and cost-effectively from all your information

The data explosion is no longer news. What is astounding is how few enterprises are prepared to use their data to make sound, fast business decisions. Even with millions of dollars invested in data and its storage, 77% of executives surveyed said they do not have real-time information to make key business decisions.

Tomorrow's most successful organizations will need to discover new insights from both traditional and non-traditional data sources quickly and inexpensively.

IBM solutions are designed to do that and much more. With a complete platform that addresses a wide variety of needs, from traditional deep and operational analytics to the new areas of Hadoop-based streaming data analytics, we help enterprises build and evolve their big data ecosystem at the right pace for their business.

What's more, only IBM offers a complete platform solution to help reduce technical risk and lower total cost of ownership.