Deliver fast, actionable insights from complex data with appliance simplicity

Business leaders today are facing fierce competition, greater customer churn and increased pressure to reduce costs. At the same time, data is growing and moving faster than organizations can consume it. With increasing pressure to deliver more strategic business value, IT must rely on more effective ways to analyze greater volumes and myriad types of data in order to enable the organization to make better decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology, is purpose-built to do just that. Designed from the ground up to do one thing and one thing only, it makes complex analytics on big data simpler, faster and more accessible to more decision makers by delivering:

  • Speed - 10-100x faster than traditional custom systems1
  • Simplicity - Minimal tuning and administration and greater resilience
  • Fast time to value - 5 TB/hour load speed2
  • Advanced analytics - Complex algorithms in minutes with a rich library of integrated analytics

IBM is collaborating with thousands of companies around the world to help them achieve their business goals through big data and analytics. IBM PureData System for Analytics provides a solid foundation that enables organizations to analyze large, complex and rapidly growing data volumes very quickly to generate insights that can help them exploit new opportunities, reduce customer churn and drive more effective operations.

1 Based on IBM customers’ reported results. “Traditional custom systems” refers to systems that are not professionally pre-built, pre-tested and optimized. Individual results may vary.

2 Based on IBM internal testing using IBM PureData System for Analytics N2001. Single rack load speed of 4.8 TB hour, multi-rack load speed of 5.25 TB/hour. Assumes customer source systems and network can accommodate quoted load rates. Individual results may vary.