Big data, integration and governance.

Turn information into insight


Trust your data before you act

Combining untrusted external information with data from trusted internal systems can lead to more questions than answers. What data is correct? Do we have the right context to make the best decision? Are we confident enough to act on this insight?

To get started and be successful with big data, you need more than speed-of-thought analytics and the simplicity of an appliance. You also need a sound basis for confidence in your data. When IBM asked business and IT professionals in 95 countries about the current state of their infrastructures, “almost two-thirds report[ed] starting their big data journeys with an information foundation that is integrated, scalable, extensible and secure.”*

You can achieve confidence in your data with the latest Information Integration and Governance innovations from IBM, enabling you to:

Make your information infrastructure governance-ready

Gartner outlines the controls and monitor points that should be automated for effective governance.

Governance: The big data imperative

Aberdeen Research says information governance needs to be addressed now.

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