Project Liberate

Is your company renewing or updating a Microsoft licensing agreement right now or within the next 12 months?

Be more effective in planning your contract negotiation strategy -- IBM has a team that can help you answer these questions and others through a fully funded engagement called IBM® Project Liberate. Normally provided in a couple of short sessions, a Project Liberate consultant will share procurement best practices that address your business’ software requirements while clarifying licensing options and trade-offs. The goal? A smoother planning process that can potentially save your organization a significant amount on the overall cost of your upcoming Microsoft contract.

Why is IBM doing this?

We understand that there is a lot at stake balancing IT investments and critical business initiatives. For most organizations, it is difficult to keep track of all the rules and product changes involved in Microsoft licensing. Many organizations pay for advice from experts at Forrester, Gartner, Directions on Microsoft, and Software Licensing Advisors. All these professionals offer excellent licensing advice and workshops – at a price. There is an alternative to paying $3,000 and more per day -- IBM®’s Project Liberate team. Why would IBM offer to talk to you about Microsoft licensing?

  1. Project Liberate is one of our investments we provide to our best customers which is designed to build a Trusted Advisor relationship around an important, complex process while developing stronger business partnerships.
  2. Project Liberate provides an answer to a common question, "How does IBM buy and manage Microsoft licenses?"
  3. When you negotiate a more flexible and less expensive Microsoft IT budget, your organization will have additional resources to apply to other business initiatives for which IBM or our business partners may have best of breed solutions.

Since 2005 IBM® Project Liberate has helped companies and governments in every country around the world free up several US$Billions in IT funding -- we want to help you, also.

How do we do this?

In meetings focused on the business objectives and usage of technology, a Project Liberate consultant and your key negotiator(s) review the most visible and expensive desktop licensing agreement. This review examines the “one size fits all” bundling of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and collaboration products, in detail to determine if its “easy and safe” way to purchase software aligns with budgets, deployments, and goals. We evaluate whether the attractive prices and interlocked licensing terms deliver value or whether they create an environment for shelf ware with pre-purchased products that are not needed, will never be fully deploy, and are not completely understood. The result? We help you evaluate lower cost alternatives for purchasing Microsoft licenses that fulfill solution requirements without over purchasing for the organization.

What you will gain by engaging the IBM® Project Liberate Team?

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Review the Introduction to Project Liberate presentation (PDF, 573KB) for more information about this service.

Learn how to reduce your software license expenditures by downloading the Project Liberate Whitepaper: Helping customers understand alternatives to the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (PDF, 210KB).

If you are interested in knowing how much a customer in your situation might be able to save, complete the questionnaire from the link below and send it to A Project Liberate Consultant will contact you to assist you in getting started.

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