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Transform IT with cloud and consolidate applications

Cloud transformation

Are you seeking ways to consolidate your applications, and to do so in a manner that eases access to those applications and provides demand elasticity which is a key driver of cloud adoption? The PureApplication System offers a cloud application platform solution that’s ready to work right out of the box by:

  1. Building expertise into deployable patterns that are then made available by IBM or our broad partner ecosystem to enable cloud-based service provisioning in minutes in many cases.
  2. Providing a single management console that offers vertical visibility from the application level down through the infrastructure resources being leveraged by the system
  3. Pre-integrating application server and database services into a single system with compute, storage, and networking

Additionally, with included capabilities around automated IT resource provisioning, scalability, SLA management, user-based self-service and reporting, through multi-tenancy, virtualization, and optimized IaaS, PureApplication System is a built-for-cloud platform system that simplifies the overall IT lifecycle from development, through deployment into management.

Application consolidation

The built-in capabilities of the PureApplication System help clients consolidate and optimize their IT infrastructure, enabling rapid delivery of innovative solutions. Consolidation helps reduce operating costs, while optimization enables a shift of resource focus to business-critical tasks, like innovation, that helps you be more competitive and responsive to changing business requirements.

The deep levels of integration and management automate configuration and optimization tasks for you. This comes together to provide an ideal environment on which you can consolidate your applications.

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