IBM PureApplication Hybrid Cloud Platform

Take a simpler path to a hybrid cloud.

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IBM® PureApplication® offers both on- and off-premise solutions to meet your hybrid cloud needs. You choose when and where to deploy your applications.

IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer
For your off-premises cloud needs, IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer can provide the right solution. It automates and manages the infrastructure services for your enterprise applications and runs in an isolated infrastructure environment to keep workloads safe.

IBM PureApplication System
This solution enables you to build an on-premises cloud environment faster, more easily and with less risk. Designed and tuned specifically for transactional web and database applications, the IBM PureApplication System is a workload-aware, flexible platform.

If you are just starting out, you may want to first try out the PureApplication Service on SoftLayer.

If you currently have the IBM PureApplication System, you may want to add IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer for a hybrid solution.

Both solutions support predefined patterns, allowing you to easily integrate them and move application workloads across the two environments. When a workload moves in either direction between the two solutions, the pattern for that workload travels with it to continue providing automatic system configuration.

PureApplication System comes in two rack sizes (ie. 25U and 42U) to cover a wide breadth of application needs and datacenter footprints. Additionally, within each rack size, you have a choice of configuration sizes based on core counts to efficiently meet your IT environment needs.

PureApplication System supports the following two processor-based architectures:

Take note that all models share the common characteristics of:

IBM Pure Application

For more information on the system options, view the PureApplication System datasheet (PDF, 926KB).