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Revitalizing Your CICS

Revitalizing Your CICS

Catherine Moxey is an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member in the CICS Transaction Server team, based at IBM Hursley near Winchester. Catherine has over 20 years' development experience with IBM both in System z and Web services technologies, and frequently speaks about CICS at conferences and briefings around the world.

Satish Tanna is a Senior IT Specialist and Technical Specialist for CICS Tools. Satish has worked with CICS TS, CICSPlex SM and CICS Tools in various roles during the last 18 years. These roles have included work on performance analysis and capacity planning for CICSPlex SM and CICS TS and a number of year in services working with CICS customers on projects such as web-enablement, performance and capacity planning and CICSPlex SM implementation.

Satish's latest role is Technical Specialist for CICS Tools. In this role he supports IBM pre-sales Technical Support Specialists and CICS customers on architecture and implementation of CICSPlex SM and CICS Tools. Satish also works with CICS Tools vendors to develop plans for future releases and enhancements to the CICS Tools portfolio of products. He regularly presents CICS Tools sessions at CICS User Group meetings, IMPACT, Transaction and Messaging Conferences and at regional GUIDEs.

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