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Make your favorite IT colleagues famous.
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We're sure you know lots of IT professionals whose great work goes unrecognized. It's time every one of them knows they're appreciated.

Fill in the form below and we'll send a fun, personalized video to each email address you enter. We'll also send a copy of the video to you, so you can share it with friends and colleagues.

It's time to call IT pros up from the basement, and give them the credit they deserve. Send them a custom video today!

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Here's what your email will say: Your friend, [your name], has recognized your amazing accomplishments as presented in the following video: "[Friend's name] Announced as IT Superstar of the Year". Congratulations.

(Of course, the real news is not as funny as the video, but it could help you become an IT superstar.
You never know. View the latest issue here.)

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