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Doing More With Less

Take 10 minutes. Listen to BizTech Reports interviews with IT experts

Lane Cooper, editorial director of BizTech Reports, interviews experts on key IT manager priorities and discusses how you can still achieve your objectives and, perhaps, do more with less.

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Putting Collaboration into a Context of Enterprise Productivity

  • Ed Brill, Director for IBM’s End User Messaging and Collaboration practice, talks with BizTech Reports about the evolution of collaboration, and the issues that IT managers will face as they harness this technology to accomplish enterprise objectives cost-effectively and efficiently. Ed brings two decades of experience in understanding, analyzing and explaining the impact of this technology on the enterprise.

Business Mashups Optimize Business Process Management

  • In this Biz Tech Reports podcast, Doing More With Less, Jerry Cuomo, an IBM fellow and Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for WebSphere. helps you understand the implications of business mashups for business process management.

According to Aberdeen Group, organizations drove an average of 26 percent year-over-year reductions in operating costs by leveraging process management strategies.

In this interview, Jerry discusses how concepts like "Smart SOA" and collaborative "Business Space" can align interactions between IT and business leaders, and create an environment where emerging requirements are identified quickly and business process are adapted accordingly.

Connecting the dots between Systems Architecture and Enterprise Architecture

  • The relationship between systems architecture and enterprise architecture is growing in importance as organizations seek to streamline and leverage every last bit of functionality from existing and new investments in enterprise technologies. In this BizTech Reports podcast, we explore the role of these two functions with the help of Bill Wimsatt, principal of McLean, Virginia-based Wells Landers and TVAR an IBM partner and a consulting firm that helps organizations implement integrated enterprise solutions cost effectively

Enterprise Architecture – Now a Practical Tool for Rapid Change Management

  • Scott McBride, IBM’s pre-eminent expert on enterprise architecture management, helps us understand the role Enterprise Architecture (EA) can play in navigating IT infrastructure and applications management during a highly volatile business environment. The future of the “agile enterprise,” posits McBride, cannot be realized unless the concept of Enterprise Architecture is mastered for practical application.

Enterprise Modernization Strategies in a Stressed Economic Environment

  • Scott Searle, program director for Enterprise Modernization, helps us understand how this issue can be addressed in a systematic and cost-effective manner, particularly now, when people are forced to do more with less.

Listen to the BizTech Reports interview where Searle discusses how enterprise modernization is not just about working with decades-old mainframe systems. It's about ANY technology for which support and expertise has elapsed or become lost in the clutter and complexity of your hybrid enterprise computing environment.

IT Cost Management in the Economic Downturn

  • The issue of effective IT cost management with enterprises has risen in recent months from a “due-diligence” type of an activity, to a starting point on what business and IT priorities enterprises should fund…or continue to support.

This BizTech Reports podcast, Doing More With Less, features a conversation with Ed Thum, Program Director for Rational at IBM to explore the strategic and operational implications of the current IT cost management environment on IT professionals.

This discussion explores how IT managers should approach growing demand to demonstrate greater ROI metrics in shorter periods of time. Thum describes how new tools and technologies can help not only achieve these objectives, but also enable a more effective way to align business and IT priorities.

Integrating Business Process Management (BPM) with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

  • BizTech Reports chats with Kramer Reeves, IBM Manager of BPM Product Marketing with WebSphere, to explore how IT managers can cost-effectively align IT investments with business priorities.

Reeves explores the relationship between the extremely mature process of applying Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) procedures -- which tie disparate systems together -- to the rapidly evolving practice of using existing and emerging technologies to create or redesign business processes on a continuous basis.

Listen to Reeves discuss how achieving speed and agility allows IT managers to do more with less.

Operational Implications of Enterprise-wide SOA Initiatives

  • In this BizTech Reports podcast, Tami Cannizzaro, Director of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Marketing at IBM discusses key drivers of SOA in today's economic environment, and explores the implications of key trends on IT managers tasked with supporting strategic business objectives.

Cannizzaro makes the case for how "service orientation" enables organizations to be more agile, by allowing IT managers to "componetize" IT services and business process. This componetization, she argues, is the key to both speed and flexibility.

Rise of Cloud Creates New Requirements for Application Security

  • According to IBM’s X-Force research, over 50% of all vulnerabilities disclosed in 2008 were related to the application layer. David Grant, Director of Security Solutions for IBM Rational software, discusses the new and elevated role application security must play to protect vital corporate interests in as efficient a manner as possible.

Green Infrastructure Is a Byproduct of Good Business Practices

  • Logan Scott, offering manager for IBM’s Green Infrastructure Initiatives, discusses best practices in aligning corporate green strategy with IT initiatives and data center performance to achieve core mission objectives in a cost-effective manner.

Data Management Imperatives in a Down Economy

  • The economy was booming when data flows filled the resources of enterprise systems. Now, the downturn in the economy has created a different environment for IT managers who must deal with the complexity of disparate data sources and media types that are stored and accessed across a heterogeneous array of equipment developed by multiple vendors.

In this BizTech Reports podcast, Doing More With Less, Richard Wozniak, Program Director of Data Server Marketing at IBM, discusses the tools, skill sets and techniques that IT managers should consider as they develop new data management strategies.

Optimizing Compliance Initiatives to Streamline Enterprise Operations

  • A large share of the responsibility for ensuring compliance has fallen on the shoulders of IT professionals, who are being asked to develop tracking tools, business process management systems and even set policies to keep organizations – and their executives – out of jeopardy.

BizTech Reports talks with Lawrence Leong, IBM’s top expert and program director on compliance issues, to discuss integrating compliance into other core mission activities, and to explore the role automation can play to take on these added responsibilities without making net additions to human and financial resources.

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