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The Internet of Things: An Iconic Example of a Smarter Planet

In 2008, IBM set a bold agenda for a Smarter Planet—a global movement built by infusing instrumentation, interconnection and intelligence into the systems that drive human progress and economic growth. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides an iconic example of the immense potential contained within a Smarter Planet.

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At IBM, we believe there are two primary ways that enterprises and entrepreneurs can take full advantage of the transformational opportunities the Internet of Things represents—the invention of new IoT products or services, and the optimization of business operations to deliver new services, upset long-standing business models, and find new and radical ways to connect people to the world around them.

– John Thompson, vice president of Strategy, Internet of Things

To achieve these transformations, we understand that the Internet of Things requires an integrated fabric of devices, data, connections, processes, and people—and we respect the unique challenges of integrating digital Internet technologies with physical infrastructures. We are proven global leaders in the technologies that allow organizations to capitalize on the Internet of Things—Cloud, Analytics and Mobile—and we enable their back-end systems to support a full range of applications, allowing them to apply insight-driven actions to their business with confidence.

Act strategically to accelerate your Internet of Things

Control and secure the data already streaming from instrumented devices.

Exponential instrumentation delivers the genesis point for understanding the world around us as billions of things become instrumented and generate data―however, without the right connections, instrumentation can shift from competitive advantage to unmanageable complexity. Redefine how you control that data and use it to securely deliver value at every point in the system, while maintaining privacy.

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Analyze data and act on the insights, applying them where they matter most.

Universal interconnectedness is generating new points of data between individuals, devices and organizations. As you gain access to this IoT data, you must have integrated systems in place to securely store the data, analyze it for insights and then act on those insights in real time to make the right decisions. Build a central nervous system that connects data insights to organizational (or individual) response.

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Design new products and services to take advantage of intelligent systems.

New levels of business insight and consumer demand are driving a new innovation agenda. As barriers to entry fall and new competitors emerge, increased responsiveness and automation are today’s keys to gaining market advantage and creating competitive differentiation. Embrace this momentum and expand your vision, moving quickly but thoughtfully with partners and proven technologies you can trust.

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Explore real world dispatches from a Smarter Planet and see how the Internet of Things can change your world.

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