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IT lifecycle management

Bridging the business, development and operations divide

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Accelerate deployment  

Accelerate deployment

An IT lifecycle imperative
Many IT organizations, through the arbitrary separation of build and deployment processes, have created a suboptimal environment characterized by a multitude of handoff errors involving the test lab, staging area and production environment. What methods exist for the IT organization that wants to build a bridge across this development / IT operations divide?

Development and operations teams are asked to ensure the successful deployment of software applications and the security of their associated assets in an increasingly demanding, complex environment. Deployment errors can result in the roll-back or down-time of software applications that are critical to driving revenue and running core business operations. Disorganization undermines the establishment of repeatable deployment processes that ensure quality, auditability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Accelerate Deployment imperative demands that organizations decrease the time required for application deployment, increase the reliability and auditability of software change and promotion processes, and reduce the opportunity for manual error across deployment activities.

Responsibilities include:

  • Automating server provisioning and application deployment to reduce the number of errors and the costs associated with manually configuring systems and deploying software applications.
  • Tracking software releases to ensure that application builds can be easily re-created and that the correct development build is successfully moved into production.
  • Minimizing lost revenue due to down-time through the reduction of build promotion errors and the increased accuracy of the test environment to mirror production.
  • Formalizing the release promotion process to ensure teams have a method to promote software builds that is auditable and that ensure compliance with government regulations.

The IBM IT lifecycle solution for the Accelerate Deployment imperative fulfills these requirements.

With IBM's assistance:

  • Project managers can reduce IT labor costs and reallocate resources to more strategic initiatives by automating application deployment.
  • Testers can gain additional time for the testing and validation of application readiness through the acceleration and automation of test lab provisioning.
  • Deployment managers can increase efficiency by tracking release deployments, enabling organizations to easily identify which build was deployed and to re-deploy the same build to multiple servers as needed.
  • IT managers can better satisfy service level commitments through the reduction of application deployment errors, improving system availability and responsiveness.
  • Project managers can enhance their compliance strategy by implementing an auditable release promotion process to meet standards requirements.

See your IBM software sales representative for more information about how the following products can be used together to help you better Accelerate Deployment.
IBM Rational ClearQuest Flexible workflow management, defect and change tracking across the project life cycle.
IBM Rational ClearCase Software asset management for medium to large projects.
IBM Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator Senses, anticipates, plans, and controls responses to real-time IT production requirements.
IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Provisions and configures servers, operating systems, middleware, applications, storage and network devices.
IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager Delivers an integrated solution for deploying software and for tracking hardware and software configurations across an enterprise.

Moving Beyond IT Optimization: Guidance for bridging the business, development, and operations divide in IT

IT Lifecycle Management solution sheet (395KB)

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