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IBM Cost Buster Solutions for Small Deals

IBM Cost Buster Solutions Driving cost down • period

IBM Cost Buster Solutions for Small Deals are bundled offerings that bring together a combination of hardware, software, and/or services, wrapped with affordable payment plans from IBM Global Financing to make the cost of acquisition affordable for companies of all sizes. Each solution addresses a current business need.

Why IBM Cost Buster Solutions for Small Deals?

Every small and midsize business needs to understand how to still grow and prosper in this “new normal” economic environment. A smarter payment strategy can help qualified clients meet budget and cash flow objectives.

For companies to succeed, they still need to invest to grow the business, stay competitive and innovative, keep up with the latest technologies and meet the evolving needs of employees, customers and partners.

Download the IBM Cost Buster Solutions presentation for more information, pricing and details

* Prices are as of Q2 2011.

IBM Cost Buster Solutions for current SMB business needs

Business analytics is the top technology investment over the next five years, according to the study, “The Essential CIO – Midmarket CIO Study 2011” that interviewed more than 3,000 CIOs from various industries in midsize organizations.

Rounding out the top six business needs from the survey were:

  1. Turn Information into Insights
  2. Drive Business Integration and Optimization
  3. Connect and Collaborate
  4. Enable Product and Service Innovation
  5. Manage Risk, Security and compliance
  6. Optimize the Impact of Business Infrastructures & Services

Work with your IBM Business Partner to ensure your requirements are met and determine the correct configuration for your environment. Your IBM Business Partner will engage IBM Global Financing to create the appropriate proposal with local financing rates and local currency.

Client benefits

Financing helps customers meet budget and cash flow objectives in a capital-constrained environment.

IBM Global Financing can:

Customer Case Study

As mentioned above, 83% of surveyed CIOs said that investing in analytics is their number one priority and that they are planning to invest in analytics and data mining. They believe these technologies help them use not only structured data better, but also unstructured data like videos, blogs and tweets obtained through the social web.

Grasshopper Group .

"Cognos Express was a solution that fit our budget, even as a small company, and we were able to get it implemented in a much faster time than I would have ever expected.“ - Mike Morris, Vice President of Operations, Grasshopper Group.

Business Need: Getting actionable data from systems

The Solution: IBM Cognos Express was an attractive solution to the client, since it could be rapidly deployed and its ease of development would facilitate a fast ROI. What was most surprising to Grasshopper Group was just how minimal of an investment they would need to get started. By taking advantage of an attractive offer from IBM Global Financing, Grasshopper Group was able to even further reduce their upfront expenditure on IBM Cognos Express.

Benefits: To date, Grasshopper Group has transitioned all of their previously manual operational reporting to a fully automated process using scheduled reports.

The Essential CIO – Midmarket CIO Study 2011,

IBM conducted a global study of CIOs by interviewing more than 3,000 CIOs from 622 midsize companies representing various different industries.
Midsize businesses top technology investment over the next 5 years is Business Analytics: 83% of surveyed CIOs said investing in BA is their #1 priority.

Inside the Midmarket: A 2011 Perspective

IBM commissioned the study, conducted independently by KS&R, Inc. to understand where midsize companies are investing and why.
The survey of 2,112 business and information technology decision makers at midsize businesses (100-1000 employees)
The study was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2010 across numerous industries, including banking, retail, consumer products, wholesale, transportation, industrial products, and insurance with participants across more than 20 countries.

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