B2B eCommerce for JD Edwards World

Extending eCommerce to the B2B Mid-Market

Target Industry

Business Application

Business Challenge

Business-to-business transactions are more challenging than ever. To remain competitive, you may need to explore new markets or product offerings – yet the expense of expanding your sales team or hiring more customer service reps seems prohibitive. Let’s face it, direct contact with customers is costly. At the same time, your B2B customers are demanding highly functional online ordering systems and continual improvements in customer service experiences.

Automation is a good strategy for meeting all of these current challenges, but comes with its own set of restrictions. Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, including JD Edwards, weren’t designed to share key information with clients. Organizations may find that their data is locked within their ERP system and can’t be shared through automation – meaning customer service reps or salespeople have to work directly with the customer to respond to even the most routine inquiries, including questions about pricing and order status.

Data integrity poses its own challenges. A B2B eCommerce system requires large volumes of data (pricing, customer data and catalog information, among others). While a traditional approach has been to duplicate the data from the ERP system to the eCommerce system, this duplication uses large amounts of disk space and causes data integrity issues, typically caused by timing conflicts related to the nightly update processes.

The Solution

Many mid-market B2B firms leverage JD Edwards (JDE) World as their ERP systems. The B2B eCommerce for JD Edwards World solution functions as a bridge, allowing the IBM WebSphere Commerce system to “talk” directly with JDE World. This tight integration enables organizations to unlock and share the data stored within the JDE system and share it between the two systems, so that each one has exactly the information it needs, at exactly the right moment. Data and business logic is leveraged, not duplicated, increasing the accuracy of both.

For example, the Advanced Pricing module in JDE is leveraged with a real-time interface that delivers current item pricing at the customer level to the eCommerce site as the customer shops. This means that when information is updated in one system, it’s automatically fed to the other, simplifying the maintenance on both systems and providing the customer with the most up-to-date information. The customer experience is also enhanced, as customers can easily find not only pricing, but can determine whether the item is in stock or on backorder, and can easily track their shipments – all without the need to speak with a customer service representative or salesperson.

The solution also allows organizations to shorten the timeline for capturing sales transactions. The real-time integration means that completed eCommerce transactions are automatically entered into the JDE system within minutes, and delivered to Operations.

Value Proposition

This solution allows organizations to extend eCommerce capabilities to their B2B customers, while reducing the cost of sales transactions and customer interactions that previously required a live person to answer routine questions.

The real-time integration between the eCommerce and JDE World systems allows completed transactions to be entered into the JDE World system within minutes. This shortens the order-to-cash cycle, allowing for faster or more frequent payments to accounts receivable, thus improving cash flow. And because the data flow is automated, there is no duplication of data or business logic. This simplifies data maintenance and reduces the time and cost of maintenance activities.

Company Description

Briteskies is a leader in helping B2B and B2C companies seamlessly develop and integrate e-commerce solutions with ERP and other enterprise software systems, providing clients with higher customer satisfaction rates and increased profitability. Whether a company is looking to customize its online shopping cart, migrate to IBM WebSphere Commerce, or integrate its B2B or B2C eCommerce website with an ERP system, Briteskies help our clients to develop a long term strategy for success.


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