Redefining Healthcare with Information Technology

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Improving Healthcare Systems, Patient Care and Clinical Outcomes

On a global level, governments and individuals alike are demanding more affordable, accessible care and better quality of care and patient safety. As more people seek care, organizations need to proactively address aging populations and the chronic care epidemic. Demand for information transparency and more stringent regulations governing information use are on the rise. Healthcare efficiency, effectiveness and better population health through use of electronic health records are key priorities.

These changes are happening against a backdrop of urgency brought about by rapidly escalating costs and growing competition. At the same time, data is being captured today as never before, from diverse sources, in greater volumes and at an increasing rate. It can be exchanged in volumes and at speeds never seen before. Healthcare organizations have the ability to access and consume vast amounts of data, analyze it and draw conclusions from it. When fast action is required, current technology can deliver critical information right at our fingertips. Healthcare practitioners with instant access to complete, relevant patient information can respond more quickly to an impending crisis.

To succeed in this rapidly changing industry, every organization faces the same challenge—to dramatically evolve information technology capabilities to become more automated, robust and adaptive. Traditional IT approaches designed around best-of-breed system principles will not be able to cope well with the substantive workloads ahead. Manual processes, growing complexity and underutilized IT infrastructures are no longer feasible. The explosion of data alone threatens to consume all IT resources. And as use of information technology becomes pervasive, the flexibility and usability of IT must also evolve.


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Redefining Healthcare with Information Technology