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Process Improvement Discovery Workshop (PIDW)

Validate the improvement you anticipate from a BPM and ODM project


A Process Improvement Discovery Workshop (PIDW) will help you to determine the initial business and technical feasibility of deploying a BPM and ODM (Operational Decision Management) solution – setting a realistic level of expectation for all involved. This workshop is free-of-charge for qualifying organizations and geographies. It is designed to answer the following questions:

How it works

This complimentary workshop is conducted onsite over the course of two to three days; bringing together IBM product and domain experts with your business and IT stakeholders to define business needs, architecture and the implementation process for a potential BPM and ODM solution.

During the PIDW, we’ll review business goals, roles, resources, examples of successful deployments, and industry best practices as we begin to define processes and decision points specific to your organization. At the conclusion, a summary of key findings and recommendations will be presented, followed by a detailed report for stakeholder analysis and decision-making.

Client prerequisites:

What you achieve

By bringing the right participants together to work through assessment questions up front, you'll save time and iterations, speed time to value, and ensure a fool-proof implementation if a project is undertaken. A PIDW lays to rest these fundamental questions and concerns:

Process improvement is a journey, and doesn’t stop with a PIDW. Process improvement comes when you can start instrumenting, monitoring and managing a process continuously and incrementally; modifying it in response to changing business and market conditions, quickly and easily. A PIDW can ensure that you get started down the right path.

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