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Dynamic Business Processes Podcast Series

Tips for Thriving in Today’s Economy with BPM

Given today’s challenging economic times, our businesses and organizations must work smarter to deliver the benefits of cost optimization and business agility that will be realized through deployment of flexible and dynamic business processes

This podcast series is intended to provide industry specific insights on how BPM can be leveraged to help businesses in a Down Economy.


Achieving Cost Optimization and Business Agility for Financial Institutions with BPM
Today’s current economic crisis has forced most banks to fundamentally re-think their business models, which are often too complex,and manually intensive requiring the need to be simplified. By using Dynamic Business Processes, banks will begin the transformation of their business models to achieve greater cost optimization that enable the business to be agile by responding dynamically to business needs and market events and opportunities . Learn how business process management increases agility and efficiency while decreasing cost and reducing complexity in banking.


Dynamic Business Processes for Government
The IBM IBV “Government 2020” study discusses six global “drivers” that are reshaping society – changing demographics, accelerating globalization, rising environmental concerns, evolving societal relationships, growing threats to social stability and expanding impact of technology – and it recommends “perpetual collaboration” as the responsive strategy of choice. IBM’s BPM capabilities can improve the situation by helping governments optimize their current processes as they transform for the future.


Dynamic Business Processes for Healthcare
Many countries are struggling to address increasing costs, poor or inconsistent quality and inaccessibility to timely healthcare. Attempting to resolve these issues appears daunting. The only cure is a fundamental transformation of healthcare. IBM’s BPM capabilities can facilitate this need by helping healthcare and life sciences organizations to optimize their current processes as they transform for the future.


Winning New Insurance Customers During Tough Economic Times through Trust, Transparency and Technology
Growing trust, transparency and Technology is crucial for insurers to help weather the current economic crisis and enable them to effectively capture the insurance customer of the future. Dynamic Business Processes are key to this transparency which insurers can use to respond quickly to changing customer expectations and business demands. By implementing agile business models, an insurers’ business users are empowered to make changes to take advantage of new market opportunities and achieve greater operational efficiencies and reduced costs for the company.


Take Cost Out in Retail Using Business Process Management
Retailers are constantly looking for ways to make more money and spend less. And economic hardship, global competition and changing customer demands don’t make it any easier. A dynamic approach to business process management (BPM) can help retailers work smarter, gain better visibility and make the changes that will help increase efficiency and control costs.

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