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Asset Management Solutions for Healthcare

IBM Real-Time Asset Locator for Healthcare helps healthcare providers track and monitor assets, patients, and personnel to optimize business processes and asset use while ensuring patient safety and security.

Feature Benefit
Provides automated processes that allow:

   - Automated room and asset sanitation workflows driven by a button press on an asset or room tag
   - Automated asset sanitation workflow driven by asset relocation to a sanitation zone
   - Par level management
   - Monitoring of minimum and maximum asset levels by zone
   - Alerts for Idle assets
   - Zone violation alerts for assets or patients moving into restricted areas or out of assigned areas
Provides end-to-end capabilities, starting with real-time visibility and recognition of actionable situations and ending with appropriate situational responses, all of which are automatically captured to ensure a complete historical record of the events. Allows for improved accountability and performance tracking, as well as auditability and standardization of processes.
Provides a suite of reports and metrics that include:

   - Asset utilization reports
   - Asset sanitation reports
   - Work order history report detailing par level, idle asset, and asset zone violations
   - Key performance indicators for each of the use cases
Supports performance monitoring and historical analysis to deliver insights necessary to improve operations and drive increased asset utilization.

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