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IBM® Aspera® solutions enable organizations to move, share and synchronize large files and data sets, digital assets and media quickly and securely. These highly scalable solutions are built to handle the largest data requirements at maximum speed, regardless of data size, type, distance or network conditions.

At the core of the Aspera solutions is the patented Aspera Fast, Adaptive, and Secure Protocol (FASP®), a breakthrough transfer protocol that uses existing wide area network (WAN) infrastructure and commodity hardware to achieve speeds up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP. FASP transport technology provides enterprise-grade security and exceptional reliability and bandwidth control.

Featured IBM Aspera solutions

  • IBM Aspera High-Speed File Transfer
    Rapidly transfer large files and data sets—whether structured or unstructured—over an existing WAN infrastructure with predictable, reliable and secure delivery.
  • IBM Aspera High-Speed Sync
    Replicate and synchronize the largest file sizes and file systems at speeds up to hundreds of times faster than conventional synchronization and replication tools over WANs.
  • IBM Aspera File Sharing Suite
    Quickly share large files and data sets among interconnected teams, customers and partners—regardless of the file type, transfer distance or network conditions.
  • IBM Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint
    Quickly, predictably and securely transfer, store and access large individual files and whole directories in Microsoft SharePoint across global wide area networks while overcoming SharePoint file and repository size limits.

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