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WebSphere Telecom Web Services Server

IBM WebSphere® Telecom Web Services Server (TWSS) offers secure, flexible, policy driven and controlled access to network services.

Capture the Innovation and Creativity of Millions of IT Developers with Telecom Web Services

Historically, building applications and services that accessed or extended the service provider’s networks was very difficult. It required a select set of skills and knowledge of various pieces of equipment and a variety of telecom protocols. As a result, few ISVs provided telecom services and enterprise or consumer applications that leveraged telecom capabilities.

Based on the principles of a service oriented architecture (SOA), telecom web services enable service creation to evolve from a highly specialized, platform-specific model to an open model built on proven technologies and products and a robust foundation defined by Parlay/Open Services Architecture (OSA). This new model for service creation and execution can reduce the dependency on advanced telecom equipment skills to create new services.

WebSphere TWSS enables service providers to offer third-party application developers: