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IBM Communications Service Enablers portfolio

Delivers new and enhanced communications service enablers supporting a flexible, modular services delivery

Enables you to deliver rich, next generation services

Create and deploy next generation services

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have an evolving opportunity to create and deliver new services to help improve how people live, work, shop and socialize. This helps CSPs confront decreasing average revenue per user (ARPU) and competition. especially from over-the-top providers

Why choose IBM for service enablement?

IBM Communications Service Enablers (ICSE) software portfolio enables a flexible execution platform for next-generation communications services. It helps CSPs seize new opportunities and reduce the risk of new investments needed to evolve to next-generation operations. It can also accelerate the delivery of revenue generating services, support evolving business models with partners and integrate the management of services with a CSP’s business processes.

IBM Communications Service Enablers (ICSE) software portfolio leverages:

ICSE portfolio products

WebSphere Telecom Web Services Server (TWSS)
Delivers a standards-based gateway for providing and managing third-party access to service provider’s network capabilities and information.

WebSphere Presence Server
Collects, manages and distributes real-time information about access, availability and willingness of subscribers to communicate across applications and devices.

WebSphere XML Document Management Server (XDMS)
Enables users and administrators to define and manage network-based documents such as group lists, user profiles, contact information, authorization rules, and policy data.

WebSphere IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Connector
Facilitates service oriented architecture (SOA) deployments by interfacing with IMS network elements through industry-standard interfaces while enabling flexible application development through web services.