IBM Solutions for ICD-10 Transition

Smarter solutions for managing your ICD-10 transition

The deadline for ICD-10 conversion is October 2013

What is the status of your ICD-10 transition?

IBM provides smart solutions and skilled resources to support your ICD-10 transition with reduced risk. We can help you move your organization forward with timely compliance to this mandate.

IBM solutions for ICD-10 transition

IBM helps you move ahead of the curve with a phased approach to ICD-10 transition that enables smart, cost-effective conversions. With IBM, you can streamline every step of the complex ICD-10 transition process:

Assess the business impacts
IBM provides solutions to create enterprise blueprints that enable you to analyze information spanning strategy, business architecture, information systems, and technology infrastructure. IBM helps you assess the impact of change, the potential for transformation, and the opportunities to add business value.

Identify and analyze the technical impacts
IBM provides solutions that can scan existing applications and systems to identify where ICD codes are stored, how they are referenced, and their usage patterns.

Select and plan initiatives
IBM helps you to prioritize and plan execution roadmaps and choose initiatives and strategies that deliver the best value, while meeting risk and cost constraints.

Implement the selected ICD-10 strategy
IBM has solution offerings, tools, and skilled resources to support you regardless of the ICD-10 adoption strategy you choose – whether it's an ICD-10 crosswalk solution, a complete transformation of your systems to support ICD-10, or something in between.

ICD-10 transformation and management solution

Native remediation of your systems to support ICD-10

Verify and validate the results
IBM provides a comprehensive software quality process to manage test labs, gain access to production data for test data generation, manage the developer testing process, automate test cases and produce reporting.
Organizational change training
The ICD-10 transition not only affects technology but it also has a major impact on people and processes. IBM can help you assess, plan and deliver training for the organizational change around your ICD-10 transition. IBM offers skilled mentors and resources to guide your employees, extended teams and partners through this time of change.

Why choose IBM for your ICD-10 transition?

At IBM, we have more than 8.000 employees dedicated to the healthcare industry. IBM excels at enabling innovation and delivering business value. We offer a broad solution portfolio and services for a smart and cost-effective ICD-10 transition with reduced risk. Leverage your ICD-10 investment to transform your organization, enable innovation and drive business value.

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To learn more about how IBM solutions for ICD-10 transition can help your business grow, contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner.

Discover how IBM can move your organization ahead of the curve, making your ICD-10 transition both smart and efficient. Learn more about IBM solutions for your ICD-10 transition. (00:03:13)

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