IBM Defense Operations Platform

Rapidly onboard mission capabilities to address emerging threats

IBM Defense Operations Platform delivers the capability to rapidly deploy missions, from high echelon command centers to the edge of the battlefield. IBM Defense Operations Platform is built on IBM software and consists of four editions:

Command Center Edition

The Command Center Edition is optimized for fixed locations. It serves as the master mission deployment, or run-time, environment. Because warfighters are often required to work in geographically dispersed areas or with small infrastructure footprints, Defense Operations Platform offers three run-time options. The Command Center is the largest of the three mission execution environments and synchronizes the Field and Mobile Editions.

The Command Center provides the deployment environment for end-user mission capabilities and machine-executed mission capabilities, via user interface (UI) or transaction services. This mission execution environment supports a variety of computing models. Additionally, the Command Center is hardened against cyber attacks and provides extensive monitoring and management capabilities to ensure mission continuity.

Field and Mobile Editions

Field and Mobile Editions are stand-alone synchronizable devices designed for rapid startup and capable of operating independently for long periods of time, exchanging data with other editions as possible. These editions support mobile users such as commanders who require availability of the most critical services even with no network connection.

The Field Edition is typically deployed on a single server and is used in mobile command posts. The Mobile Edition is optimized for a very small footprint used by a single solider. Both Field and Mobile editions synchronize with the Command Center editions bidirectionally. Command Center, Field, and Mobile editions are optimized to allow for a common picture across the warfighting environment.

Field and Mobile Editions require the Command Center Edition.

Workbench Edition

The workbench is a set of linked tools to architect, engineer, implement, build, test, and deploy mission capabilities. With the tooling and documentation IBM provides a coherent development pipeline, with examples, to facilitate the rapid creation and onboarding of mission capabilities.

Workbench Edition requires the Command Center Edition.

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IBM Defense Operations Platform