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IBM Service Provider Delivery Environment Framework

Accelerating solutions that enable smarter communications

Create your own industry agenda for transformation by implementing each solution one project at a time. Customer Management. Sales and Marketing. Operations Support. Subscriber Services. Corporate Management.

A Blueprint for Becoming a Smarter Communications Service Provider

In 2001, IBM created the Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE), a framework for the communications industry that drives our strategy to this day. Since its inception, SPDE has provided a relevant, consumable and standards-aligned strategic framework that enables business agility, modular implementations, and faster time-to-value for communications service providers (CSP) and business partners.

The IBM SPDE framework is designed to enable CSPs to easily create, deliver and manage new services. It includes best practices that identify and document proven architectural patterns, as well as design guidelines that align with TM Forum standards and which have been gleaned from successful projects done with top CSPs all over the world.

IBM is leading a conversation in the marketplace about how our world is becoming smarter, and software is at the very heart of this change. The IBM SPDE 4.0 framework is the blueprint that enables Smarter Communications by helping:

Value-added services that blend communications and entertainment services are delivered seamlessly thru the IBM SPDE framework to more than 100 million subscribers, generating billions of transactions every day while meeting carrier-grade requirements.

Discover how Globe Telecom, a service provider in the Philippines, is able to deliver smarter campaigns and promotions that continue to win customers over and over again.

IBM SPDE Framework Solution Areas

To support the development of solutions that address pain points that are common to the business functions within a CSP, the IBM SPDE framework has defined the following seven (7) solution areas:

Customer Management
Solutions that provide top quality of experience to subscribers in all of their relationships with the service provider. For service providers, this means having a 360-degree view of their customer interactions, enabled by powerful business intelligence that helps optimize customer support processes and predictive analytics, which help anticipate potential problems and concerns.

Sales and Marketing
Develop actionable customer insight by applying leading-edge analytics and business intelligence tools and techniques. These solutions deliver real-time and predictive analytics combined with profile, location and presence information. Now you can personalize value proposition and campaigns by segment, or even down to individual where desired.

Operations Support
Provide a set of robust, flexible and open Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security (FCAPS) systems. These solutions enable transformation from a network-only focus to end-to-end service management. This evolution helps you rapidly adapt to changes in an environment made of multiple services, which are accessed from various types of devices across several network technologies.

Subscriber Services
Catalyze – and monetize – the evolution to new business models by supporting rapid development and fast time-to-market for new services. These solutions are designed to complement the offerings you provide to your customers and strengthen your core business operations. By enabling a flexible and open approach to the two-sided business model, partners can leverage and enrich the foundational communications offering. Content providers, third-party developers, advertisers, cloud services providers and other partners can benefit from these solutions.

Corporate Management
Maximize the efficiency of internal tasks and workflows by rationalizing the supporting applications and processes across the enterprise. This solution area encompasses activities needed to maintain a productive workforce and the back office systems that support the business with key insights into workforce performance. This is based on integrating advanced analytic and collaboration capabilities to achieve a competitive advantage for our customer’s workforce.

Information Technology
Accelerate time to market for new services and improve cost-efficiencies through open and flexible foundational technologies. These technologies rely on a carrier-grade computing and storage hardware infrastructure, whose capacity can be provided with high elasticity. This solution area also includes integration functionality such as process workflow engines, an information and analytics framework, and a security framework.

Network Technology
Help optimize the network wherever computing power can add value. Solutions include optimization of the edge sites environment, protection of the bandwidth inside the network, or self organizing networks. In addition, several technologies (such as in-memory database or real-time on-the-fly analytics of data streams) provide particularly attractive foundational functionality

Benefits of the SPDE framework

The SPDE framework empowers your enterprise to:

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