Why pay more... and get less?

Click to Shake,Ask the 'Oracle',Oracle has raised Weblogic Server Enterprise Edition prices by 47% since acquiring BEA. Can l be sure they won't raise prices again??

Oracle Charges More ... And Provides Less

Why IBM Smart SOA Application Foundation?

IBM Smart SOA Application Foundation (US) from WebSphere delivers the innovation (US) and performance (US) essential to cost-effectively build, deploy and manage robust SOA applications. Results published based on the just released SPECjEnterprise2010 9 benchmark show WebSphere Application Server V7 as the highest performing Java EE server.

Why pay more?

47% more for 1st year license and support 9 of WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition since Oracle acquired BEA – 3.5x the increase in license price of WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment over the same period.

70% more for 1st year license and support 9 .

53% more to renew support beyond the 1st year 9


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*WebLogic Suite processor license: $45k¹
**Oracle Communications Converged Application Server: price not avail.
***Soa Suite processor license: $57.5k¹
# WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition processor license: $25k¹

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