Hardware Asset Management for IT

IBM Hardware Asset Management for IT is a comprehensive solution that combines asset purchasing, inventory, financial, maintenance and contract management into one flexible interface. It tracks and manages the complete life cycle of your IT assets and provides workflows to manage the processes for control, audit and reconciliation of authorised versus deployed assets. This solution helps manage hardware assets by:

Asset Life Cycle
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IBM Hardware Asset Management brings together two powerful IBM software products that help you avoid hardware life-cycle management problems: IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager and IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT. Together they provide the tools you need to discover, analyse, plan, execute and monitor all your hardware assets. The products deliver:

To speed implementation of IBM Hardware Asset Management, IBM Global Technology Services consultants will install and configure the solution to meet your business objectives. One of the world's largest consulting organisations ?with a community practice of more than 5,000 global members including operational managers, architects, consultants and software developers ?IBM Global Technology Services draws on a broad range of capabilities and a comprehensive portfolio of business and IT consulting services. We deliver services for installation, personalisation and testing, documentation and training for key personnel and also offer:

The IBM Hardware Asset Management solution offers a complete, integrated way to achieve cost controls and meet service goals ?based on industry best practices. It maximises the performance and lifetime value of complex assets and closely aligns them with your overall business strategy to help you:

Products included in this solution

IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager
provides complete and detailed application maps of business applications and its supporting infrastructure, including cross-tier dependencies, run-time configuration values and complete change history.

IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT
IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT enables efficient and effective management of the IT asset lifecycle, to lower cost, mitigate license and regulatory compliance risk, and better align IT with business goals.


IT & Software Asset Management
Providing the information required to track, manage, and service IT assets efficiently through their entire life cycle.

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Data sheet: Employ discovery and asset management products to effectively and efficiently manage hardware life cycles.(PDF,244KB)

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