Business Application Management

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Ensure availability and performance of your applications

IBM Tivoli Business Application Management (BAM) products help ensure the availability and performance of your business-critical applications, including portal and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based (US) technologies. Contact IBM India Representative on 1800 425 3333 (India Toll Free)

IBM Service Management
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Target IT issues which impact your business

Business Application Management products allow you to visualise the health of your business services and service level agreements. You can then isolate, diagnose and fix the highest-priority transaction performance problems. Target IT resources and actions to quickly resolve the most critical and costly issues which have the greatest impact on your business. IT lifecycle costs can be reduced across operations, support and development by directly linking operations and development. Tivoli Business Application Management products can also help you plan, manage and optimise your software assets. These products help you manage software costs and contract compliance, and align software spending with business priorities.

Quickly isolate, diagnose and fix performance problems

Your business processes typically depend on a number of complex applications. These composite applications use business logic and data that span Web servers, J2EE application servers, integration middleware and mainframe systems. Many organisations lack an integrated solution to automatically monitor, analyse and resolve problems at the service, transaction, application and resource levels. The result? Operations and development may take a long time to identify, isolate and fix composite application problems. In fact, many application problems are reported to IT by the end users of the business service.

Facilitate the information flow between Operations, Development and Support

The Tivoli Business Application Management solution helps you quickly isolate, diagnose and fix business-critical application performance problems. When an incident occurs, the Tivoli solution helps the IT staff quickly resolve it by facilitating the information flow between the Operations, Development and Support groups. A powerful visualisation of problem information is available using a single portal, with customisable views of performance metrics. The Tivoli solution can help you meet your internal and external service level agreements and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Featured products

IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for WebSphere (US)
Helps increase the performance and availability of business-critical applications through real-time problem determination across subsystems – WebSphere, CICS, IMS.

IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Response Time Tracking (US)
An end-to-end transaction management solution that can proactively recognise, isolate and resolve end user response time performance problems.

IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager (US)
IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.1 - Provides operational and business audiences with the service visibility and intelligence needed to effectively manage real-time service health, and business activity including, automated service modeling, service impact analysis, root cause analysis, and tracking of key performance indicators and SLAs in targeted dashboards.

IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor (US)
Enables Service Level Management so that you can align your service delivery with the needs of your customers. This product simplifies the process of defining service level objectives, and automates the process of evaluating service level agreements. It enables you to proactively manage and report service level performance.

IBM Tivoli License Compliance Manager (US)
Enables businesses to ensure compliance and reduce cost through advanced inventory and reporting capabilities


IBM Availability Centre for SAP (US)
IBM Availability Centre for SAP

IBM Best Practices (US)
IBM IT Service Management is built on IBM and industry best practices. You can leverage IBM's worldwide practical experience from proven consulting services to maximise your current investments and make IT Service Management actionable.

IBM Operational Management Products (US)
IT Operational Management Products automate tasks to address application or business service operational management challenges. These products optimise performance and availability of business-critical applications and supporting IT infrastructure.

IBM Process Management Products (US)
IT Process Management products bridge organisational silos, automating and integrating IT management processes for responsiveness and flexibility. This self-managing autonomic technology supports automation and process changes to deliver end-to-end IT Service Management solutions.

IBM Service Management Platform (US)
IT Service Management Platform enables standardised shared information. Change and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB), includes open federated CMDB to automate process execution, helps you understand architectural complexity and reduce problem management.

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