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Control is about effectively managing and securing the investments in business and technology assets and processes that your organization relies on. The goal is to maximize return on your investment and minimize service problems by achieving best-in-class processes for integrated enterprise and IT asset management, change management, and security management.

Clearly, achieving best business results requires making the best possible use of assets which have already been purchased and deployed. Unfortunately, most organizations lack both the logical controls and the technical solutions required to track assets comprehensively. The result is that assets are often lost or poorly utilized. Finance Week, for instance, suggests that typically only 40% of assets are fully tracked and available. The implication here is that the remaining 60% are not well described and may be underutilized or even lost. This means we are not maximizing asset value and are spending unnecessary capital on new assets.

How can IBM help? Through integrated, asset control solutions which help discover assets and utilize those assets to the fullest possible extent. In addition to conventional IT asset tracking, IBM service management asset control solutions provide an integrated means of managing enterprise assets -- delivering integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and support for leading-edge technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to monitor even non-digital assets such as pumps, generators, and other facilities equipment. The result is that the business information they generate, too, can be integrated into the larger business model transformation and Green initiatives, translating into more effective cost management and budget controls.

Because IBM Tivoli solutions deliver such holistic, end-to-end tracking, enterprise assets are much less likely to be lost in the organization. And because their status levels can be monitored, and their problems tracked and resolved, they deliver significantly improved business value through more robust service.

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