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Automation, the third intrinsic value delivered by IBM Service Management, helps optimize and integrate operational processes that directly support the delivery of revenue generating business services and processes. By more effectively automating operational processes, valuable resources can be shifted from reactive and maintenance-intensive tasks to areas that support business growth and competitive edge. What’s more, dramatic additional business wins occur in the form of improved performance, reliability, and efficiency. Because commonplace tasks are always performed the same way—at the full speed of the supporting technology—services are not only rendered more quickly, but more effectively.

What are the consequences to the enterprise if automation is incompletely achieved? Human labor is required instead, and such manual solutions can represent a substantial penalty to the business bottom line. For many CIOs, in fact, 70% of the annual budget will be allocated to operational staff expense. Through automation, the focus of that investment can be redirected to directly support business innovation in the form of enhanced and new revenue-generating services.

IBM Service Management solutions can play a key role in helping organizations achieve operational automation by leveraging and integrating an organization’s existing tools, adding and adapting best practice processes such as ITIL, eTOM, COBIT, and Six Sigma, as well as assuring that closed loop processes are in place across the full service life cycle.

Specific IBM Tivoli solutions to help automate IT processes are available in key areas such as software provisioning and data backup/restoration. Both streamline service delivery and support processes, requiring as little direct supervision as is organizationally appropriate.

IBM specialists can work with any organization to arrive at a combination of solutions and processes uniquely tailored to match their business needs. The end result is improved operational agility; freed resources, enhanced performance, and superior service reliability—all of which help businesses innovate for success.

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