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IBM Service Management and Cloud Computing

Today’s businesses face an unparalleled rate of change

On this increasingly interconnected, instrumented and intelligent planet, organizations are under tremendous pressure to improve agility and adapt to change. In fact, 80% of CEOs anticipate turbulent change and bold moves ahead.

Today's business face unparalleled rate of change.

Building a competency in managing technology and aligning investments to well defined business outcomes will therefore play a critical role in the success of almost every business. More than ever, the evolution of IT from a cost center to a center of strategic business value is a necessity.

To capitalize on this opportunity, organizations are implementing bold business and technology strategies, like cloud computing that enable continuous optimization of increasingly complex and dynamic business services, processes and relationships.

Through the standardization and automation of shared computing resources, cloud computing speeds the delivery of innovative products & services, while fundamentally changing the economics of business infrastructures.

Businesses are realizing the value of cloud today

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Emerging Adoption Patterns

IBM has helped over 2000 clients successfully plan and implement private clouds in the past year alone. Across industries, common adoption patterns have emerged for successfully beginning and progressing to cloud, correlating to specific business needs:

Underpinning these adoption patterns is a set of underlying requirements for service delivery and management that enable organizations to design, deploy and consume cloud services.

Cloud service management and integration. Design, Deploy, Consume.
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Beyond Virtualization to Cloud Computing

At the heart of successful cloud implementations is the move beyond virtualization of infrastructure into the realm of Cloud Service Delivery and Management, where the business returns of Cloud Computing are realized.

IBM is uniquely positioned to help clients anticipate optimal potential from their business through holistic, and measured cloud service delivery and management that moves beyond virtualization, aligning business and technology investments to desired outcomes. In fact, last year alone, IBM helped thousands of clients successfully implement private clouds – that same service delivery and management technology also underpins and serves the 19 million users of IBM’s public cloud.

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Case Study

Case Study

Cloud Computing Improves Productivity in IBM Benchmark and Learning Centers

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