Process Integrity

As SOA gains ground within the enterprise, initial pilot projects tend to expand their scope to become enterprise-wide. As this happens, SOA becomes the preferred approach for delivering mission-critical business processes, and performance and reliability become increasingly important considerations.

To truly gain value from end-to-end business processes supported by SOA, you will need to ensure the same kind of integrity in your transactions, information, and interactions that you would expect from processes supported by traditional, tightly coupled systems. However, maintaining integrity across a highly distributed process is a more complex problem than in a single, closed system. Process integrity is the ability to conduct reliable business activity in a secure, scalable SOA environment with seamless integration at every level.

IBM has built process integrity into its offerings with the thoroughness it deserves, taking into account the specific needs of transaction integrity, information integrity and interaction integrity. Unlike vendors who are only able to provide integrity in certain aspects of an overall process, IBM addresses process integrity at all levels of the SOA environment:

Process integrity

Process integrity enables reliable business activity in a secure, scalable SOA environment.

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