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Five Things You Can Do Today to Cut Costs Using Agile Development. Watch the Webcast replay. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Join the best minds in IBM Rational as product experts and market thought leaders provide insight into the latest trends and products. Choose from an array of Webcasts, Podcasts Teleconferences and Whitepapers

Product & Application Lifecycle Management

Product and application lifecycle management software enables your team to synchronize the flow of people, process, information, and work products across the product and application lifecycle from initial concept to requirements, build, test, change management, deployment, and post-delivery support.

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  • -Playing from the same Score: Rational ClearCase, Rational...
  • - A conversation with Grady Booch
  • -Working Smarter: Enriching the Jazz environment with...
  • -Migration from Compuware to Rational software testing tools
  • -Customer speak: Deliver your software solutions faster...
  • -Open Source: The shining aspects and the limitations
  • -Collaborative Enterprise Development Powered by Jazz
  • -Requirements Management Powered By Jazz
  • -Quality Management Powered by Jazz
  • -Rational Business Partner Ecosystem Powered by Jazz
  • -Asset Management Powered by Jazz
  • -Lean Development Powered by Jazz
  • -Quality Driven Software Delivery - Part 2
  • -Quality Driven Software Delivery - Part 1
  • -Jazz and Rational Team Concert- Part -2
  • -Jazz and Rational Team Concert- Part 1
  • -Agile 101: Organizing Global Agile Teams
  • -Power Systems: Design, Develop and Deploy Better Business...
  • -Power Systems: Design, Develop and Deploy Better Business...
  • -Architecture, Design, and Construction- Part-2
  • -Architecture, Design, and Construction- Part-1
  • -Keeping control of costs and schedules when requirements...
  • -Accelerate Software Delivery with Social Software
  • -Real teams, real insights, real results for greater...
  • -Busting the myths of Agile Development: What People are...
  • -Keeping Business Dreams from Becoming Software Delivery...
  • -IBM Requirements and Definition Management - Part 2
  • -IBM Requirements and Definition Management - Part 1
  • -Rational Team Concert: Going real-time with Sametime
  • -Jazz Up Your Collaborative Lifecycle Management
  • -The Apples to Oranges Dilema - All Agile development...
  • -Boost Agility : Ten Best Practices for Requirements...
  • -Scaling Scrum: Lessons from the Trenches
  • -Implementing IBM Rational Globally with payback in one year!
  • -Be As Agile As You Can Be
  • -The Payoff of Driving Requirements Management Across...
  • -Three keys to exceeding customer's quality expectation
  • -Best Practices in Standards Driven Application...
  • -The Value of Extending Requirements Visibility and...
  • -Requirements Engineering for Product Lines with the...
  • -Achieving agility at scale in A&D
  • -Focus on Quality to Reduce Cost

Replays of live webcasts

Five Things You Can Do Today to Cut Costs Using Agile Development

In this economic downturn, organizations are looking to cut costs. Agile teams produce higher quality work, are quick to deliver and provide greater ROI. What can these teams do now to cut costs? Join us as Greg Rader, Agile Development leader, provides his expertise and guidance on this pressing topic for today.

Boost Agility: Ten Best Practices for Requirements Driven Software Delivery

For many organizations, changes that occur after a software project has been started are extremely difficult to manage and in the worst case, can spell disaster. Schedule delays and out-of-control budgets result from problems with communication to the delivery team and failure to accurately maintain alignment of downstream deliverables to business goals and requirements. While these organizations want to ensure changes are seamlessly incorporated into the current software project, they often lack the flexibility and agility to make this a reality. But doing so is an imperative for promoting innovation and staying competitive in the market. In this webcast, we will discuss best practices from requirements, architecture, and quality management, as well as software development and delivery automation that will help you increase agility to better manage change in your organization and help you reduce costs and risks while delivering better quality and more valuable software.

5 Reasons Investing in Requirements Should Be Your Top Priority

What happens when you don't invest in requirements? The news is full of stories . from delayed presidential helicopter projects, to lost memory in spacecrafts, to interrupted utility services. In this webcast, we'll talk about some famous and not so famous disasters and why investing in requirements should be a top priority to avoid similar occurrences in your own organization.

The Jazz Revolution: Scaling Agile Practices Across the Enterprise

Enterprise organizations often struggle to embrace Agile principals in an environment where teams of teams span multiple locations, using different toolsets, with disparate team processes. How can these teams balance Agile principals with organizational oversight and other priorities? Join us as Rolf Nelson, Rational Team Concert product manager, explores essential enterprise-ready capabilities now available in Rational Team Concert and the next generation of Jazz products. He’ll explore common pain points of the Agile enterprise, and show how these pain points can be reduced by the most common-requested features now available in the Jazz 2.0 family of collaborative ALM solutions.

Hacking 102: Extending Web Application Security Testing Across the Software Delivery Lifecycle Speaker: Shawn Miller IBM Technical Sales - Specializing in Web Application Security.

Web application security issues continue to be a top priority for most organizations, regardless of size or industry. The only real solution is to build security into Web applications from the start. Secure coding practices and developer security tools help to preempt these issues through early discovery. IBM Rational AppScan Developer Edition integrates Web application security testing into development and Web-based education tools help non-security experts -- like developers -- find, understand, and fix security issues while attempting to avoid them in the future. In this webcast we will discuss how the IBM Rational AppScan can be used in various stages of the development lifecycle to achieve these goals.

Smart techniques for application security: whitebox + blackbox security testing.

Join us for a one-hour Web seminar where members of our security research team will discuss these techniques, highlight how their approaches to vulnerability detection compliment one another and share best practices for embedding application security testing across the software development lifecycle

Greater Value and Performance from Software and Systems Investments - Part I

Know how modern software delivery teams enable quality management throughout the lifecycle, detecting defects early and in the process reducing cost and improving credibility.

Greater Value and Performance from Software and Systems Investments - Part II

Know how modern software delivery teams enable quality management throughout the lifecycle, detecting defects early and in the process reducing cost and improving credibility.

Integrating application security testing into development

Extending Web Application Security Testing Across the Software Delivery Lifecycle. Learn to use IBM Rational AppScan Developer Edition in various stages of the development lifecycle and use Web-based education tools to help non-security experts, like developers, find, understand, & fix security issues avoiding them in the future.

IBM Rational's requirements driven Quality ROI Calculators

IBM Requirements-driven Quality ROI calculators provide estimates on your return on investment from implementing one or more of our solutions.

IBM Rational's requirements-driven quality solution allows you to achieve predictability in desired business outcomes through requirements-driven quality by:

Quality Driven Software Delivery.

Quality software delivery has never been more critical to businesses; in fact, it's critical to business survival. In today's economy, CIOs need to delicately balance the drive toward business transformation with the management of business risk.

Malware: It's everywhere

The proliferation of malware designed to infiltrate computer systems without the owners informed consent has become one of the most challenging security issues facing users today. But who owns this problem? Is it consumer who visits a Web site that is unknowingly hosting embedded malware, or is it the responsibility of the Web site owner to better protect its visitors against these types of attacks?

Reduce Costs, Risks and Resource Constraints with Web Application Security OnDemand

What keeps CIOs and developers responsible for e-commerce Web sites awake at night? Security. It's as simple as that.

Enter IBM Rational's IBM Rational AppScan OnDemand, a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) that uncovers vulnerabilities in your code by scanning applications for you. AppScan OnDemand let's you leverage the experience of IBM's security experts, improving IT efficiency and time-to-value by letting you focus on the most important issue -- fixing the vulnerabilities IBM finds.

Software for Systems webcasts

Requirements Engineering for Product Lines with the DOORS/Gears Bridge

The key to business success depends on the infusion of new ideas about how products are brought to market.

Enterprise Engineering: Taming the Complexity

In 2009 the Department of Defense will fund the development of 40-million lines of new software and spend a comparable amount of money maintaining the legacy software base.

Products for tomorrow: Innovation Management -The key to increasing the value of your products

A 2009 Aberdeen Group study highlights the importance of innovation in product lines. "Products that represent very high levels of innovation (i.e. new to the world) enjoy much higher profit margins than products that are just a copy of a competitor's product or a "me-too" product.

Model Driven Systems Development for Delivered Products

Your position in the market depends on your ability to deliver innovative systems and products on time, with the right features and quality.

Turn your IT plan into a competitive advantage in an uncertain market: harnessing the power of enterprise architecture

Join this webcast to learn how an integrated Enterprise Architecture and IT Portfolio Management system can help Federal and commercial organizations realize and balance the benefits of their IT investments.

Every successful organization engages in strategic planning - yet too often the best laid plans remain just that: plans. Strong Portfolio Management assures a good balance of IT investments, programs and projects and optimal resource allocation to align operational decisions with your overall business strategy. Integrated with Enterprise Architecture (EA), Portfolio Management is empowered to integrate your strategic goals into your organization's capital planning, business planning and technology architecture activities. In this way, your strategic planning outputs become actionable.

Join this webcast to learn how:

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