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Achieve greater value from your IT and systems investments

The fast track to innovation: Software delivery at the speed your business demands

The fast track to innovation: Software delivery at the speed your business demands

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IBM® Rational® software helps organisations deliver greater value from their investments in software. This includes automation, state-of-the-art collaboration, and continual measurement through the IBM Rational Jazz® technology platform, IT and systems governance, and more.

It’s all about innovation

Our goal is to enable business innovation and agility. This requires a significant investment in software, both for IT operations and systems development capability.

In today’s market:

Software delivery is a business process that must be continuously measured and improved. IBM Rational offerings include a collaborative software delivery platform, capabilities, and time-tested processes to make software delivery a core business strength.

Jazz - innovation through collaboration

A key component of the Rational portfolio is Jazz, a technology platform for collaborative software delivery. Uniquely attuned to global and distributed teams, the Jazz platform is designed to transform how people work together to build software—making software delivery more collaborative, productive, and transparent.

The Jazz platform helps teams:

Core areas of capability

These core extensive capabilities are where Rational products and services can help make a difference in your organisation’s software needs:

Time-tested processes

The IBM Rational product offerings listed above help teams automate a tried-and-true process that represents years of field engagements with real customers designing solutions to real business problems. Today, we deliver this expertise through two process frameworks specially designed to power agile software delivery teams: Measured Capability Improvement Framework and Rational practices.

Measured Capability Improvement Framework (MCIF)

How do you know your new approach to software delivery is working? Measured Capability Improvement Framework (MCIF) (US) helps software and systems delivery teams drive business innovation through measured and continuous process improvement. MCIF helps teams gain competency in the core agile development practices that most impact business outcomes.

Rational practices

Provided through IBM Rational Method Composer® (US), which includes the industry-standard Rational Unified Process (US), Rational practices allow agile teams the right amount of process discipline when they need it.

Whether your team is just coming up to speed on agile software delivery techniques, or raising their expertise to new levels of capability, Rational practices provide a tailored approach to iterative lifecycle management for faster, more consistent results.

Extensive partner ecosystem

In addition, Rational has an extensive partner ecosystem that provides capabilities for specific industry and technology needs. These include Ready for IBM Rational software business partner solutions (US) that provide both product and consulting expertise to accelerate initiatives.


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