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Product, project, portfolio, and performance management

Plan, execute, and measure for maximum business value

Introducing Rational Project Conductor - Collaborative project and resource management - Learn more (US)

IBM Rational® product, project, portfolio, and performance management solutions transform the way organizations define and deliver value.

By enabling teams to align software and product investments to business objectives and to improve predictability of project success through best practice guidance and measurement, Rational solutions deliver the following value and capabilities:

Rational product, project, portfolio, and performance management solutions are open, integrated, and role-based, spanning the complete application lifecycle.

Product, project, and portfolio management

  • Portfolio management (US)

    IBM portfolio management solutions align investments to business objectives, link business processes to application processing, and maximize business value.

  • Product management (US)

    IBM Rational product management solutions improve the predictability of product success by focusing on the delivery of customer value.

  • Project management (US)

    IBM Rational project management solutions enable planning, organization, and management of resources for the successful completion of project goals and objectives.

  • Performance measurement and management (US)

    IBM Rational performance measurement and management solutions help software and systems delivery teams make the right decisions by providing deeper insight into your organization.

  • Process management (US)

    IBM Rational process management solutions align repeatable, enforceable, and predictable processes to business objectives.

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