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Collaborative development and operations. Let IBM help transform your development-operations process.

Collaborative Development and Operations

Collaborative Development and Operations

Are you missing windows of opportunity for adopting new and innovative business solutions? Does a lack of collaboration and poor visibility across your IT organizations keep you from achieving your business objectives?

Statistics show that software projects are not living up to the challenge. Up to 50% of apps released to production are later rolled back.* 51% of projects are over budget and often lack critical features. ** 60 – 80% of the cost of software development is rework. ***

Innovative companies know that software is the way to new efficiencies, differentiated products and services from the competition. These businesses are finding ways to quickly develop and deploy revenue generating projects on time and under budget.

The key to their success: development and operations teams are adopting agile methodologies contributing to business success and the success of its stakeholders at an accelerated rate.

IBM offers innovative solutions and services to assist the business in rapidly deploying quality products, software, and services with enhanced control and governance to private and public Cloud environments. Our solutions improve accuracy, agility, and security throughout the product and application life cycle – from concept to launch to retirement.

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* Ptak, Noel & Associates
***Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute

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