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Accelerate delivery with Collaborative Development and Operations

Are you missing windows of opportunity for adopting new and innovative business solutions? Does a lack of collaboration and poor visibility across your IT organization keep you from achieving your business objectives?

Statistics show that software projects are not living up to the challenge. Up to 50% of applications released to production are later rolled back.* 51% of projects are over budget and often lack critical features. ** 60 – 80% of the cost of software development is rework. ***

Innovative companies know that software is the way to new efficiencies, differentiated products and services from the competition. These businesses are finding ways to quickly develop and deploy revenue generating projects on time and under budget.
IBM provides agile, scalable and flexible solutions for end-to-end lifecycle management and automation, creating an environment that takes collaboration between development and operation teams to the next level.

A good way to either get started or extend your current capabilities and achieve accelerated delivery is with IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery, helping to deploy application changes from IBM Rational Team Concert into a cloud environment.

Reduce cycle times and improve delivery throughput and quality

Improve operations efficiency to meet Development/Test project needs:

Real results:

A healthcare company deployed software in just 90 minutes with IBM solutions to automate software production and eliminate manual, error-prone tasks, while reducing the maintenance of proprietary, homegrown scripts. The applications provide repeatable and consistent processes for improved efficiency and capture self-documenting data to create an audit trail. This solution has transformed the way the healthcare company creates the environments it needs.

At ANZ Bank (US) , IBM solutions for automated deployment of application changes allowed teams to reduce deployment times of components to about 15 minutes from three days. As well, deployment issues could be resolved much more easily. Ultimately, the environment management improvements enabled the ANZ technology department to achieve an ROI of AUD4.27 million from cost savings and efficiency improvements within the first year. The bank expects to exceed its target of an AUD8.5 million ROI for the second year.

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