Increase the value of every inbound customer interaction

IBM® can help you take better advantage of moments when your customers and prospects have chosen to interact with your company, such as by visiting your website or Facebook fan page, walking into your store or branch, or phoning your call center. During these “inbound” contacts, IBM can determine, in real time, the most relevant messages and content to deliver to an individual given who they are, their responses to previous interactions, and the context of the current interaction. Providing this personalized and customized experience to your customers and prospects is no longer just a means of getting an edge, it is expected by today’s savvy buyers.

Solution Components

  • IBM® Unica Campaign

    Deliver personalized, relevant marketing messages across all touch points

  • IBM® Unica Interact

    Determine, in real-time, the right message to present in inbound marketing channels

  • IBM® Unica eMessage

    Engage customers and prospects with timely, personalized email and mobile messages

IBM’s approach to inbound marketing helps you make real-time relevance a reality.